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She any our trans sex video ‘old-fashioned

Dear Bel, trans sex video THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK   escort girl You just call on me, brother, when you need a hand,We all need somebody to lean on.I just might have a problem that you’d understand.We all need somebody to lean on.From Bill Withers’s song Lean On Me (1972) I met my wife 42 years ago when we were both 19. We married six years later and had a daughter three years after that. Just before our sixth anniversary I found a card in our wardrobe with a loving message signed with some kisses from a stranger.When I confronted my wife, she quickly said it was a mistake and that the affair never became physical. Over the next few weeks the story unfolded.She had been meeting a guy in a hotel bar (her job involved overnight stays), then they had a couple of meals with only a kiss on the cheek. After three months, she realised her error and stopped it all. She swore on our daughter’s life that nothing intimate ever occurred. I accepted this and moved on.We have now been married for 36 years. On holiday last year, I had a strange dream that reminded me of the card and I ended up asking about it again. My wife eventually confessed to a sordid three-month affair.I was flummoxed and shaking with anger and fear. She says she doesn’t know why it happened, but she was totally infatuated by this guy’s charm and would do anything he asked.She stresses she was not in love with him and admits to not even knowing his surname. The first ‘meeting’ started off in the hotel bar, then he asked if he could come up for coffee and within ten minutes they were fast becoming intimate, although she claims they did not have sex on that occasion. 
Total time in each other’s company: two hours. They then had further meetings that did involve sex and then, once he accepted her plea to end the affair, he asked for sex for the last time and, amazingly, she agreed.How could any woman behave in this way? What’s more, how on earth could a wife with a two-and-a-half-year-old daughter at home do this? How can I even start to forgive her for something so shocking? I am having continual nightmares.My anger and resentment increase on a daily basis and I am afraid for my wife’s safety and also my own life.GERRYThe last sentence of your letter is very disturbing and must be taken seriously. Therefore I am asking whether there is somebody you could go to stay with — friend or family — while you sort out your thoughts?Or you could ask your wife to move out temporarily instead, because it seems to me that you urgently need a break from each other.Please, please consider this. The depth of your (completely understandable) anger and pain is such that you need to step back now.And always remember there is help for those who feel desperate at the Samaritans (go to samaritans.org or call 08457 90 90 90).You have been eaten up with suspicion for 30 years. Despite your wife’s protestations of innocence, I suspect your subconscious knew the truth but you wanted it not to be true. That knowledge never went away, even though you say you ‘moved on’ and probably genuinely thought that you had.But if your wife had made a full confession all those years ago, you might just have been able to deal with her betrayal more easily than now, when you are confronted with the bitter knowledge of such a long-lasting lie.Tormented as you are by imagining the illicit sex (and I know you are because you gave more detail than I want to print here), you are also humiliated to think that she lied and you believed her. I shudder to imagine what your recent conversations have been like.You ask me three questions, which I will attempt to answer in turn.F irst, any woman (or any man, for that matter) can behave in this way because of the Deadly Sin called lust — the ancient, savage pinprick of the flesh. It’s not very complicated, even though it’s probably the source of more anguish than any other human emotion.Knowing how common such desires are (even if not acted on), I can honestly say it doesn’t shock me.Second, although it seems disgusting that she could behave with such meaningless immorality with an innocent toddler at home, the truth could be that she actually longed for illicit, almost anonymous, sex because she wanted a brief respite from the daunting demands of motherhood.Look, I’m guessing, but knowing what I know about women, this does make some ‘sense’ — if sense has any bearing on the desires of the flesh. I am not making excuses, just suggesting a reason. Because it’s reasons that you crave.Third, you ask how you ‘can possibly forgive her’.This is the hardest question of all, and you will only find the answer if you and your wife decide you wish to save your long marriage. That is the crucial question. You could walk away from each other now or decide to rebuild. I do assure you that this is possible, but it takes hard work.Y ou would have to decide that your wife made a terrible mistake (she will agree) and then lied because she was afraid of how you would be if you found out — she was correct there, too.Then you would both have to vow not to throw away 36 years and face separate futures alone.If you do decide to give it a try, you will have to go to counselling together. You can pick up the pieces, but will need professional guidance as to their order and future shape. For that (no doubt about this) you will need Relate.Take some very long, deep breaths (count six) and as you let the breaths out (to a count of eight), imagine that this helpless rage is breathing out of you, too.Then go to www.relate.org.uk/ find-my-nearest-relate without any more delay.BEL MOONEY: How can I keep going after losing my soulmate? 
BEL MOONEY: My wife ignores me while she stares at her phone
BEL MOONEY: My Army husband and I are at war over everything
BEL MOONEY: My wifes grown so cold since I stopped working
BEL MOONEY: Can I save my children from the pain of my shattered marriage? 
BEL MOONEY: I just cant shake this longing for my cheating ex-husband 
BEL MOONEY: Whys my sister so horrible about my partner?
BEL MOONEY: Our son is ruining our lives after moving in with us 
The worry eater toy that shows weve raised a generation of anxious children
Let me explain. I know a young woman (a friend of my son, in fact) who is frequently irritated and upset by her in-laws, simply because they don’t seem to understand that she has a full life.She is balancing part-time work and the toddler as well as a social life and supporting her husband in his new job. It means they simply cannot stop by to see the baby at short notice — which is exactly what you think you can do.She’d love them to feel involved and offer to help properly — like changing nappies and half-day childcare — but a sudden text that says, ‘Can I pop in this afternoon?’ doesn’t do it.You must not breathe a word of this to any of your sons because (as you know) it will cause trouble. When our children marry, we all hope that we will like (better still, love) those they marry, but sometimes that isn’t the case. Unless something is going badly wrong, our rule of thumb must be to keep quiet until asked, or until certain aspects of their behaviour impinge seriously on our own well-being.You say this matter is ‘pulling you down’, but surely that’s because you are allowing yourself to be ‘upset by the attitude’ of these girls.You need to relax. As a matter of interest, they don’t all have babies, so why are you lumping them together in this casually critical way?Are all three bad housewives? Is it that which is the true cause of your irritation?For that matter, would any women have been good enough for your sons? I’m not throwing off these questions to challenge you, but asking you gently to think hard, be honest and to control your feelings of being hard done-by — for the sake of family harmony.You ask me if you are ‘old-fashioned’. Yes — if you expect the daughters-in-law to be cleaning and cooking in the exact way you were brought up to expect.Maybe they don’t want to and maybe their husbands love them just as they are, un-ironed shirts and all.Does it matter? I grant that the young women may be a tad thoughtless; nevertheless you still have to keep schtum.Instead of texting, make a phone call and ask when it would suit them for you to visit to see the grandchild. Fit in with their plans rather than expecting instant access.Soon there will be four grandchildren, and maybe more after that — and, in time, you will be needed by them all.If you handle this period well, you will be wanted for babysitting, to give the three couples precious time off. That’s what we grandparents do, you know. We try hard to make it about them, not about us.   And finally… Is that really me? It is now!  It was cheeky Ronald who made me think. The subject line on my reader’s email was ‘Is it really you?’, and he pointed out that somewhere I’d written how my parents had moved south from Liverpool in 1969, when I was nearly 14.He said he’d done his sums and that my picture at the top of this page must be a cheat. Then he joked: ‘Your secret is safe with me.’Smiling, I realised that the photo has been the same for seven years — since I began this column. But I’ve always been bemused by people in the public eye who persistently use old pictures. Why be so vain, especially if you want recognition?I once had to go to the BBC to interview a famous American novelist, but I walked past her in the reception area a few times before realising who she must be. The gently ageing woman bore no relation to the sex-bomb on her book jacket. TROUBLED? WRITE TO BEL  Bel answers readers’ questions on emotional and relationship problems each week.Write to: Bel Mooney, Daily Mail, 2 Derry Street, London W8 5TT, or e-mail bel.mooney@dailymail.co.uk.A pseudonym will be used if you wish.Bel reads all letters, but regrets that she cannot enter into personal correspondence. Recently, the 59-year-old classicist and TV historian Mary Beard (most definitely a force for good in this world) said older people should embrace the ageing process and look their age, and that she was surprised when people wanted to look younger.I respect Mary for choosing to wear her long, grey locks with pride — but that’s not for me. It just so happens that I, too, love Latin poetry, but I will colour my hair until I die.I don’t see why it should be seen as a badge of mature seriousness to ‘not bother’ and to cultivate looking old — any more than it’s a sign of frivolity to enjoy looking as youthful as you can.Many years ago, I had a cosmetic filler and Botox for two separate articles, but I never repeated the process. However, I don’t attach any moral or intellectual significance to my lack of ‘work’; I’d just rather spend the money on a new painting.Anyway, all this is to say that on Wednesday I reached the age of 68 (hooray!) — and I feel that I am in my prime.Life has never been better — and we have a brand new picture of me on this page to celebrate!
Young people talk about their experiences of grief (related)

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Rounded off vip eskort

No details: Guerrero state Gov. Angel Aguirre gave no details about the DNA of the 28 bodies that were uncovered in vip eskort clandestine graves last weekThe governor of the southern Mexico state where 43 college students disappeared said Saturday that some of escort bayan the bodies recovered from clandestine graves last weekend did not match the missing students.Guerrero state Gov. Angel Aguirre gave no escort details about the DNA of the 28 bodies that were uncovered in clandestine graves last week. CBS News reports that the bayan escort remains were severely burned and DNA tests are being conducted to identify the dead. On Sept. 26, 43 local students were taken, but not as a result of organized crime — they were taken by local police officers.Authorities say that officers rounded up the students who had visited the city from their rural college in Ayotzinapa to solicit donations and drove off with them after two shooting incidents in Iguala in which police gunfire killed six people and left 25 wounded.Investigators say that a video showed police taking an undetermined number of students from the city after the violence, according to ABC 7.  Yahoo News reports that the officers are believed to have turned the students over to a local drug gang that had ties to Igualas fugitive mayor, Jose Luis Abarca. Few students escaped.ABC 7 reports that a person taken into custody told authorities that 17 students were taken to a mass grave site outside of Iguala and killed. 
Killed: A person taken into custody told authorities that 17 students were taken to a mass grave site outside of Iguala and killed
Sold: The officers are believed to have turned the students over to a local drug gang that had ties to Igualas fugitive mayor, Jose Luis Abarca
Killings force change in focus for Mexico leader
Missing students and murders eclipse reforms push in Mexico
The vampire graves: Archaeologists uncover medieval corpses buried with an iron stake to stop them…
At a news conference in Iguala, the governor spoke but made no comment regarding what authorities found at nearby mass graves discovered near the site as announced Thursday by Attorney General Jesus Murillo Karam.More than two weeks after the students disappearance, 34 arrests have been made in the case including 26 Iguala police officers. Four of the suspects led investigators to four mass graves near the site where the 28 bodies were found. Karam declined to confirm or dispute the governors claim that the uncovered bodies did not match those of the students. He stated that experts have not finished testing. 
Protesters: Thousand of people have turned out to protest  since the students disappearance
Throw him out: Protesters are pleading with the Mexican federal government to throw out Aguirre for failing to keep citizens safeVidulfo Rosales, a lawyer representing families of the missing students, told the Associated Press that it was unfortunate that information was released to the public before being released to the students families.   Many have turned out to protest since the students disappearance, according to ABC 7. Protesters are pleading with the Mexican federal government to throw out Aguirre for failing to keep citizens safe.A Mexican Consul General in Los Angeles said that Mexico President Enrique Pena Nieto is taking action by replacing the police department and seizing their weapons. This tarnishes the collective national effort we have to truly turn Mexico into a country of greater progress and development, he told the AP, referring to the disappearance of the 43 students. 
Seize: A Mexican Consul General in Los Angeles said that Mexico President Enrique Pena Nieto is taking action by replacing the police department and seizing their weapons
Arrests: Thirty-four arrests have been made in the case of the missing students and four of the suspects led investigators to four mass graves near the site where the 28 bodies were found  
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Some bodies in Mexican graves arent missing students, says Governor – CBS News
Tests on 28 bodies in Mexico grave – Independent.ie
43 students missing in southern Mexico feared dead | abc7.com
Mexico governor: Some bodies arent of students – Yahoo News

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porn many we

Premier League stars from the past, present and future helped Belgium secure a resounding 6-0 victory over lowly Andorra in porn their Euro 2016 qualifier in Brussels. In their first competitive encounter since their World Cup quarter-final loss to Argentina, Belgium struck escort the woodwork three times in 20 minutes, opened the scoring with a penalty from former Chelsea midfielder Kevin de escort bayan Bruyne on the half-hour mark and then ripped apart Andorras defence.Tottenham forward Nacer Chadli doubled the lead with a child porno half-volley and a fine lay-off from Divock Origi, who will play for Liverpool next season, for De Bruynes second made it 3-0 at halftime. 
Former Chelsea midfielder Kevin de Bruyne (R) is congratulated by Liverpools Divock Origi (L) after his penalty
Tottenham forward Nacer Chadli (R) sent the home side in 3-0 up at half-time
Liverpool signing Divock Origi scores his sides fourth goal after being set up by De Bruyne in the second half MATCH FACTS  Belgium: Courtois, Alderweireld, Kompany (Pocognoli), Lombaerts, Vertonghen, Chadli (Fellaini), Nainggolan, Defour, De Bruyne, Mertens, Origi (Lukaku). Subs: Mignolet, Carrasco, Pocognoli, Van Damme, Dembele, Januzaj, Denayer, Ciman, Gillet.Scorers: De Bruyne 31 34, Chadli 37, Origi 59, Mertens 65 68Andorra: Pol, San Nicolas, Garcia, Lima, Maneiro Ton, Ayala Diaz, Vales, Rubio (Lorenzo), Vieira, Martinez Alejo, Riera. Subs: Josep Gomez, Sonejee, Moreno, Peppe, Rodrigues, Garcia Renom.Booked: Ayala, Vieira, San Nicolas Referee: Serhiy Boiko (Ukraine) Origi turned one defender and beat another for number four, before Dries Mertens bagged two, a header after a superb long ball from Radja Nainggolan and a shimmy and sharp shot to make it six.Before a sell-out crowd in Brussels, the hosts rested Eden Hazard in the hope that his bruised toe would be fully recovered in time for Mondays tougher qualifier against Bosnia.They did, however, field Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois just five days after he suffered a head injury in a collision with Arsenals Alexis Sanchez in the Premier League, although he barely had a touch.Belgium were to have opened their qualifying campaign with a trip to Israel, but the match scheduled in September was postponed due to the Gaza conflict.The visitors, ranked 203rd in FIFAs ranking of 208 nations, won one match and drew two in qualifying for the 2006 World Cup, but have lost every competitive match since, although were only narrowly beaten by Wales last month.Cyprus and Israel are the other teams in group B. 
Chelsea forward Eden Hazard (R) and Axel Witsel watch from the stands at the Stade Roi Baudouin
Proximus cheerleaders warm up the crowd before the start of Belgiums Euro 2016 qualifier
Kevin de Bruyne pumps his fist after opening the scoring from the penalty spot
De Bruyne netted his second of the game only minutes after opening the scoring
Manchester City and Belgium captain Vincent Kompany is given instructions from coach Marc WilmotsIsrael also had a successful start, beating Cyprus in Nicosia 2-1. Wales took the group lead by one point over Cyprus, Israel and Belgium after holding Bosnia-Herzegovina to a 0-0 draw in Cardiff in their second game.But with its constant pressure and free-flowing moves, Belgium showed they will be the team to beat in the group.
Wales 0-0 Bosnia and Herzegovina: Gareth Bale frustrated as Chris Colemans side held in Euro 2016…
Even Brazil conceded seven goals so dont call us minnows! Gibraltar boss Allen Bula blasts critics…
Scott Brown says Scotland must show courage to beat Georgia in Euro 2016 qualifier
Northern Ireland arent usually able to focus on all-out attack, but we can against Faroe Islands,…
That was fun. A beautiful victory, said De Bruyne after Belgium scored as many goals in one game as during the whole World Cup.It was a packed house, so we had better perform, he added.The easy victory came without playmaker Eden Hazard, who was protectively kept on the bench with a stubbed toe. Another Chelsea star, goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, was on the pitch for the whole game despite suffering a head injury in a collision against Arsenal last weekend. He did not have to make a save. 
Chadli is surrounded by teammates after scoring with an assist from club teammate Jan Vertonghen
Tottenham defender Jans Vertonghen (R) avoids a challenge from Andorras Jordi Rubio
Future Liverpool forward Origi was lively all evening before scoring Belgiums fourth goal
Belgium coach Wilmots (2L) high fives his assistants as the goals start flooding in 
Winger Dries Mertens (C) completed the rout with a quickfire double in the second half
Wales 0-0 Bosnia and Herzegovina: Gareth Bale frustrated as Chris Colemans side held in Euro 2016…
Even Brazil conceded seven goals so dont call us minnows! Gibraltar boss Allen Bula blasts critics…
Scott Brown says Scotland must show courage to beat Georgia in Euro 2016 qualifier
Northern Ireland arent usually able to focus on all-out attack, but we can against Faroe Islands,…

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porno camebridge along

As most adventurous travellers know, when exploring the far and remote corners of the world, it can be difficult to porno communicate clearly.Try as we might to understand the local rhetoric and interact effectively, theres still something to be said for porno those hilarious moments of misunderstanding.One of the instances most easy (and most fun) to misinterpret? Signage gone wrong.Scroll down for video 
Doug Lansky has collected the best signage fails from his travels around the world for Lonely Planets latest book. Pictured: a hotel sign points out the obvious in Austin, Texas
Although the prices are unclear, a Beijing cafes tasteless coffee option seems far less appetising
In Essex, England, this sign doesnt do a very good job of keeping this top-secret location under wrapsAnd that is the topic of Lonely Planets latest book: Ultimate Signspotting: Absurd And Amusing Signs From Around The World.
Spectacular footage captures moment FIVE passenger jets take to the sky for stunning formation…
Chinese hotel puts up hilarious posters telling guests how to use a Western-style toilet (handstands…
New website offers 50% cheaper hotel stays to holidaymakers with more Twitter and Facebook followers
Author and travel writer Doug Lansky has collected more than 160 photographs and 25 illustrations for the book, priced at £6.99 – and they vary from the ironic to the extremely confusing.Mr Lansky, based in Stockholm, has been living abroad and travelling for the past 20 years, in more than 120 countries.In the introduction to the book, he writes: Just when I think I’ve seen every awkwardly compromised stick figure, bizarre warning, or confounding place name, a new one comes along. 
Earths most inspiring locations with Lonely Planet (related)
For those who enjoy living life on the edge, this sign in Suzhou, China, is made for you
This sign in Rome, Georgia, has us asking: how much do new rainbows go for?
Its clear from this Ambridge, Pennsylvania sign that Reverend John Ritter is one very content fellowThat is, new hilarious signs are going up all the time. At times, it seems like a race between the people who put up these ridiculous signs and those who try to photograph them.Over the last 20 years, Ive gathered well over 50,000 sign photos from well-travelled amateur and professional photographers.Trying to decide which is unintentially funny enough to merit inclusion in a Signspotting book has been a challenge.Trying to select favourites among those for this ultimate collection has been downright unnerving.
In Maui, Hawaii, the definition of the word bottomless clearly means 65 feet 
Slippery pedestrians are a problem when it rains, according to this grammar fail in San Francisco, California
A local dental clinic in Taipei, Taiwan sure doesnt do much to assure nervous patients 
In Dublin, Ireland, drivers are encouraged never to settle for second best
Ironically, the view of this New Hampshire sign is anything but clear
Commuters in Camebridge, Massachusetts, are warned of some major delays with this hilarious sign
Ears too floppy? Nose too long? According to this sign in Jaipur, India, there are people here to help

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Result eskort people performs street

This musician is taking street sounds to another level. Petr Špatina is well known in Prague as a talented glass harpist eskort and a wonderful entertainer.And tourist Hermilo Gonzalez got a chance to hear the man in action when he visited the escort city on – and filmed the musicians incredible talent. 
Amazing musician plays glasses on the escort bayan streets of Prague
Music maker: Petr Špatina begins to play his wine glasses as the surrounding people bayan escort watch onA crowd of people gave Petr a respectful silence as his fingers moved across the wine glasses at impressive speed. The result was a relaxing tune that drew a well-deserved applause when it was over. The footage reveals dozens of people mesmerized by the sound as Petr performs on the street. Mr Špatinas fingers move quickly and effortlessly across the wine glasses as he impresses the delighted spectators. 
Reputation: Petr Špatina is well known in Prague as a talented glass harpist

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Bull tfl buses

A wheelchair user has attempted to Race The Tube in a bid to raise awareness of London Underground access for disabled people.Anthony Ince was inspired by Londoner Jason Heptonstalls video in which viewers watched as he raced a Circle Line train, and won.The 43-year-old cerebral palsy-sufferer filmed the footage as he embarked on a similar challenge, racing 380 metres from Mansion House to the next stop – Cannon Street. 
Screams from spectators as fighter jet stages a dramatic mock NAPALM DROP at US airshow
Are you sure theres no glass? Adorable dog refuses to come inside house until his owner unlocks invisible door … even though its already OPEN
Narrow clifftops, 1,000ft high vertical drops and breathtaking views: Watch freeriders perform death-defying stunts in bid to be crowned Red Bull Rampage champion
The video then cuts to the train Mr Ince is attempting to race against, as it pulls up at the station.Mr Ince would be in good time to make the Tube, however, he is confronted by a flight of stairs.
Along with The Free Help Guy, Anthony recorded this video to raise awareness of the lack of step-free accessThe video shows Mr Ince, who teamed up with blog The Free Help Guy for the challenge, sitting at the top of the stairs as the train leaves the station.  The message on the footage says: Dear TFL, Please do more to help Anthony and other wheelchair users to take the London Underground. (Let alone race it).It also claims that 75 per cent of Underground stations in London do not have step-free access at this time.
Mr Ince races in his wheelchair from Mansion House to Cannon Street  
Challenge: Mr Ince attempting to Race The Tube – and highlight the lack of step-free access at stations The Free Help Guy writes on his blog: Mansion House, for example, is out of bounds for wheelchair users as it has many steps and no lifts (though the eagle eyed amongst you will notice we gave ourselves a bit of creative freedom during filming to try and illustrate the issue!).Whilst Transport for London, the organisation responsible for this issue across the capital, isnt ignoring the need to implement step-free access across stations, the 25 per cent figure theyve reached to date is still a painfully small one.He added: For Anthony, and many others in his situation, taking a simple journey across town involves a huge amount of planning, detours, time and effort. 
I feel like us wheelchair users are being ignored, Anthony writes of the TFL systemAgain, TFL have resources to help this journey planning – but getting your head around some of them is no easy task.Anthony also wrote on the blog: I tend to just use buses. Its too difficult to know where I can and cant get to when I take the Tube.It feels like us wheelchair users are being ignored, despite how positively London came across during the Paralympics in 2012.
Read more:

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Doesnt the out not this

(CNN) — Airports arent exactly stress-free zones — not yet at least.
But its certainly something airport managers are working on.
Still, all the spas, yoga studios and movie cinemas in the world cant detract from the main source of travel anxiety: grueling lines.
Its an irksome feature that may soon become a relic, thanks to the advent of mobile tracking technology.
Helsinki Airport recently became the first in the world to track passenger movements in real time, from the parking lot to departure gates.
The whole idea is to get better analytics of passenger flow. Really, its only because we want to know better where bottlenecks form in the airport during rush hour, says Jarno Putta, vice president and chief information officer at Finavia Corporation, which manages the airport.

EasyJet has started using drones for plane inspectionsCourtesy EasyJet

Passengers can meanwhile get updates about their flight status, bookmark where they parked (so they can find their car after their return flight) and chart how long it will take to get through security.
Once inside, when they pass partnered shops, they can get pinged with offers.
While receiving updates directly to ones phone may seem intrusive, Putta is adamant that the system doesnt collect any personal information.
Rather, it uses iBeacons and Wi-Fi routers to collect unique identifier numbers (or MAC addresses), and only from devices with the Wi-Fi settings turned on.
The MAC addresses we use are scrambled, which means no one can be traced, he says.
EasyJet makes use of drone inspections
EasyJet is trialing similar technology at London Gatwick, Luton and Paris Charles de Gaulle airports, also using iBeacon.
The carrier is starting small — placing the devices at baggage drop offs and security areas.
The EasyJet app also uses the technology to alert passengers to ready their documents at key points.
Though still in its early stages, James Millett, EasyJets head of digital, anticipates it could have father-reaching uses.
In time, we could see applications supporting individual challenges, like when a customer needs to be in a different location because they are carrying skis, or arent carrying any hold luggage, he says.

Who wouldnt be creeped out by the idea of having your phone tracked?
Jules Polonetsky, Future of Privacy Forum

The European low-cost carrier has been at the forefront of utilizing the newest technology.
In May, it started trialing inspection by drone on its fleet of Airbus A319 and A320 planes.
The airline is also looking into the use of virtual reality glasses to allow engineers and pilots to capture pictures of potential issues, and send them directly back to base.
Its another good example of how were applying new technologies to our business to help us be more effective and efficient, says Millett.
Passengers need power to opt out
Not everyone is comfortable with the new technology.
Who wouldnt be creeped out by the idea of having your phone tracked? If I tell you someones tracking you, and dont tell you why, of course youd be upset, says Jules Polonetsky, executive director and co-chair of the Washington-based think tank Future of Privacy Forum.
He adds that, contrary to how it may seem, airport tracking is kept pretty general.

EasyJet uses real-time tracking to give passengers flight updatesCourtesy EasyJet

Its not like it reports, hey, this phone belongs to the guy with blue glasses and a shabby suitcase. Its 38,000 devices were in this location between these hours. Its critical for airports and retailers to demystify this technologys uses for users.
Transparency is key, says Polonetsky, and airports need to make sure to alert passengers to the when, how and why of this technology, and provide them with an option to opt out — which both EasyJet and  Helsinki Airport do.
Passengers who dont wish to be tracked can either switch off Wi-Fi on their devices, or provide their MAC address to walkbase.com and smart-places.org. (In doing so, the tracking systems knows to ignore the address in the future.)
Mainly, though, he recognizes the many potential uses of this technology at the airport.
An airport is the type of place where you probably do want to get pinged about gate changes, or find out where you can get a cup of coffee once youre checked in, or information on where the gate is and how much time it will take to get to it, he says.
Its a big space, and anything the venue can do to help me navigate it easily and quickly is useful.
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